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The main difference between search engine optimization and pay per click is the cost. Organic traffic is free if you can get your website ranked while pay per click advertising is paid. Both are search engine marketing tools are used by many companies. There are some further differences which make a company to choose either type of marketing tool. You need to understand how these tools operate in order to choose the ideal strategy for your business. The moment you open a search in your browser, it is easy to identify organic results and PPC ads. Normally, organic results will appear toward the top to the bottom, but this depends on the optimization of your website. PPC ads will usually appear higher than organic listing, at the bottom of the organic listing or sometimes on the right side of the organic listings.


SEO traffic is free, but this does not make it easy to achieve your objectives. In order to get your website ranked higher you need to know what you are doing and it really is a full time job to do this. It requires much effort and a thorough understanding of the keywords to get the free traffic. Due to high ppccompetition, you need to design a high quality web site and a good SEO plan to get higher rankings. If you don’t understand how they operate, hiring an SEO expert will help you significantly. Pay per click is a paid advertising. The most common one is Google Adwords. The beauty with pay per click is that you pay for the number of clicks but not views. It can be easy to plan for your budget with the help of Google Keyword tool because it gives an estimate of PPC for every keyword. There are also Yahoo and Bing PPC.

Website traffic potential

This is another component, which differentiate the two internet marketing tools. SEO is better than PPC in terms of traffic only if you can rank your website. It receives more traffic than PPC. If you can manage to be in the top five websites, it is a guarantee that your website will get continuous traffic. On the other hands, PPC can attract more clicks, this translates to an increase in the cost.


This is the reaction of the visitor; either makes a purchase, sign in for a newsletter or either a call for action. Depending on the optimization and targeting of the ad, a PPC ad has a higher conversion seo planningrate. Web pages can display totally different keywords other than those that the business intends display. Pay per click tools display 100% of what the customer is looking. Although it has higher conversion rate, it increases the cost too.


Neither of the two is easy to use. You need to have some knowledge and of course some experience to use it wisely. It might take a lot of time to rank your website using SEO tools. It needs time and effort. This is why some people opt to hire an experienced SEO expert. PPC is not easy too, you may need to enroll for a course or either hire an expert. If you choose to do it yourself, it might cost you thousands of dollars. Either way using SEO or PPC sets you in the right direction of increasing you presence on the internet. For more information about SEO and PPC please visit Top Rank Solutions Riverside’s website